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Stevac inc.

801, boul. Bord de l'eau
Québec J6S 0B7


Phone:(450) 373-5342
Toll free:1-800-294-5342
Fax:(450) 370-1118

(450) 370-2242

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We specialize in renovation and construction projects in the fields of geothermal, ventilation, heating and controls systems.

We offer our services for residential, commercial and industrial facilities.

The arrival of variable speed geothermal or conventional heat pumps, will help consumers realize higher savings on their energy costs! This new technology allows these systems to operate at lower speeds, in order to match, the actual heating or cooling load of the home as it changes throughout the day. Gone are the times of operating a heat pump at full capacity for a very little load.

For more information on these systems, please do not hesitate to call us.

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