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Geothermal systems

Geothermal heat pumps are reviewing the requirements for cooling systems and heating systems. These systems are very economical and more efficient than conventional systems.

They can supply over 3$ worth of energy for every dollar they cost to run in cooling and heating mode.


  • A decrease in energy costs of up to 65%.
  • A decrease in maintenance costs of up to 40%.
  • Improves the level of comfort and security (no combustible fuel) Environment friendly.
  • Requires 30 to 50% less refrigerant than conventional systems.
  • The underground closed-loop circuits require no maintenance.

These systems are an investment that greatly increases the value of a property. As energy costs continue to increase, homes that are equipped with geothermal systems will have a greater re-sale value when compared to similar homes equipped with conventional systems.

Heat pumps

Conventional heat pumps are economical and more efficient than basic air conditioning systems. The energy savings can reach 35% when compared to these basic systems.

We are proud of our partnership with several of the most important equipment manufacturers in the industry. Conventional heat pumps offer interesting energy savings which also help protect our environment. Please refer to our internet links to become familiar with these manufacturers and their products.

Heating systems

Today’s modern heating systems offer excellent energy savings when compared to systems manufactured in the previous decade. The added costs for the replacement of these older systems can be easily recuperated with the annual energy savings.

Radiant floor systems

Radiant floors for residential applications, offer exceptional comfort, while providing an additional source of energy saving. This system also provides independent temperature control for every room in the house. Thus, each member of your family can find his own level of comfort.

Furthermore, radiant floors can be used for other applications. Listed below are just a few:

  • Alleys and sidewalks
  • Hospital entrances
  • Parking ramps
  • Handicap access ramps

Ventilation systems

The quality of the air is a factor that is often neglected. We offer systems that can maintain excellent indoor air quality, while conserving energy.

Today’s compact heat recovery systems, equipped with electric motors, pull the stale indoor air and exhaust it to the outside. Simultaneously, it pulls the fresh outdoor air into the residence.

During this exchange, energy is transferred from one air stream to the other. For example, during the winter season, the outdoor air is preheated with the energy released by the indoor air before it is exhausted outside. Please refer to our internet links to become familiar with these products.

Indoor pool Dehumidification systems

The Stevac team is experienced in the installation of dehumidification systems for indoor swimming pools. We offer design and build services, as well as the required maintenance programs for these systems.


We offer complete zoning systems to increase the comfort levels in your home. Not only can you control the settings of radiant floors but you can also control the temperature in the air by zoning the air distribution for each room in the house. An independent thermostat in each room ensures that each member of the family can maintain their specific room temperature, even during the cooling season.


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